A ribbon to fight the multiple sclerosis

A ribbon to fight the multiple sclerosis

Initiated by UNISEP in May 2013 for the multiple sclerosis international day, this ribbon shows your support to talk about the multiple sclerosis. It’s the symbol of a beautiful union which brings to light the people involved in the fight against multiple sclerosis.

Events to mobilize

Every year, during one week at the end of May, UNISEP organizes a multiple sclerosis awareness campaign to struggle stereotypes about this disease, still poorly understood. There is also the multiple sclerosis world day, every year, the last Wednesday of May.

This year, the multiple sclerosis national day will be from 24th to 31st of May 2017.

Last year, 30 000 ribbons were distributed, sold or sent everywhere in France. We are proud to be the manufacturer.



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