Reliability and safety

We strive to apply rigour and professionalism in our support to you, guaranteeing you the reliability of our articles from the design stage to the international delivery. We are in daily contact with businesses set up across the world to secure our purchases in foreign currencies thereby ensuring our clients the expected peace of mind when it comes to financial fluctuations.

Quality control

Our production workshops perform stringent and regular quality controls at each production stage. Together with our clients we draw up a bespoke specification adapted to the intended purposes of our products.

Products made in France

In addition to our production units in France, we offer the possibility of 100% French sourcing and making to meet with your demands calling for guaranteed local origins.

Social commitment

All our suppliers, partners and sub-contractors have signed up to and comply with our ethics code. Alongside us they undertake to adhere to areas such as the labour law, health, environment, safety and ethics.

Discover our ethics code

REACH regulation

In keeping with the legislation, Neyret complies with the standards of the Reach regulation one of the main aims of which is to ensure a high level of human health and environmental protection from the risks that can be involved in the use of chemical products.

Oeko-tex certification

Our products can be certified in accordance with the Oeko-tex standard aimed at guaranteeing the human and ecological qualities of textiles (free from products that are toxic for human health and the environment).  This principle of this label is to identify and eliminate the potential sources of harmful substances at each textile processing stage.

Environmental approach

Neyret implements a sustainable development approach and is proactive on a daily basis:

  • Recycling: Our chemical products (dyes, inks, etc.) are separated from ordinary waste and specifically collected from specialised organisations. We manage the recycling of our raw materials and our paper, cardboard, electric accumulators and bulbs.
  • Energy savings: We limit the lighting of our sites which are automatically cut out during the night, weekends and holidays as well as having automated lighting on our production sites. We incorporate low energy consumption (water, electricity) into the design of our special machines.

We invest a significant chunk of our R&D budget into environmental and ecological considerations.

Proximity, monitoring and availability

Our multilingual sales team masters over 8 languages. Each client has a dedicated contact person to guarantee responsiveness and personalised monitoring of their projects. Our clients can avail of multiple services: sampling, artworks and prototypes, bespoke creations, development studio, etc.

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